Elevate Industrial Inspection with AI Skills

Learn how both asset owners and developers can unlock value by transforming raw inspection data into actionable insights through AI Skills.

industry focus: chemical, POWER & UTILITIES, oil & gas

Transform raw data into actionable insights

While robots collect high quality data in industrial sites, this data is generally not beneficial to asset owners in its original form. True value lies in processing this raw data using AI and delivering actionable information to operators in a timely manner.

 For example, the image of an analog gauge captured by the robot should be processed to deliver the actual reading of the gauge. This is exactly why we have incorporated AI applications, called Skills, on the ER Autonomy platform.
  • Demonstration of Skills including analog gauge reading, safety equipment detection, valve state detection, people detection and a whole lot more!
  • Explore how 3rd party developers can make their Skills available to asset owners.
  • Learn about the need for Skills and the industrial use-cases solved by them.
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