Robots are quick learners; we equip them to solve customer-specific problems through AI applications called Skills. Automate every inspection task by onboarding the perfect Skill to solve your use-case.

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Inspections tailored to your needs

Industries differ from each other based on the product produced, production machinery, operations processes and on a range of other criteria. Given this enormous difference, it is only natural that industrial inspections also vary widely based on customer needs. Thus, it is crucial for robots to be skilled to perform customer-specific tasks. For example, robots need to be skilled to detect gas leaks in oil & gas plants or to measure fluid levels in chemical plants.


What are AI skills?

Skills are containerized applications that process sensor data and influence robot behavior to perform specific tasks. They are developed by external domain experts, 3rd party vendors and inhouse developers. On one hand, Skills add value immediately to customers by solving their use-cases and on the other hand developers creating Skills gain exposure to major market players and add to their channels of monetization.

Customer value addition

Automate every task

Skills are use-case specific. They equip robots to perform inspection tasks in accordance to your SOPs and work environment.


Equip your fleet of robots with the most advanced machine vision and AI skills developed by experts.

Robot agnostic

With the availability of appropriate sensors, skills can be taught to any robot.

Skill transfer

Transfer skills to your entire fleet of robots instead of training them individually to perform specific tasks.

Data security

Skills run within our sandbox infrastructure. Thus, inspection data is fully secured, ensuring full control on owned data.

Selective data processing

Implement privacy-by-design by only processing relevant data (for example, checking worker safety gear with face blurring in accordance to privacy guidelines).

Eliminate vendor lock-in

Pick from a variety of Skills developed by external domain experts, 3rd party vendors and in-house developers through the Skill Store.

Developer value addition

Skill Orchestration

Develop Skills that are implemented on robots which solve real-world problems.

Deployment Sandbox

We provide you with the perfect testing environment for your Skills through our sandbox.


Add a lucrative revenue channel to your service through Skill development and gain access to industry leaders through the Skill Store.

Skill Store

Customers find your Skills through our Skill Store, which gives your Skills exposure to industries all across the globe.

Skill store

Similar to the app stores on your smartphones, we provide a platform that brings together developers and customers, such that developers can make their Skills accessible to customers at the click of a button, and customers can easily pick and choose the Skill that fits their needs.

We’ll be entering a public beta phase for the Skill Store this year. If you’re a developer and would like to participate, please get in touch via the form below.

Types of skills

Edge Skills

Skills that are vital to monitor critical aspects of the industrial plant and run fully autonomously on the robot itself. For example, the PPE detection skill needs to run constantly on the robot so that it can immediately sound an alarm when it detects a person without PPE.

An operators helmet and ear-muff are detected through the PPE detection skill
Thermal image with the temperature of an industrial equipment

Cloud Skills

Skills that run on the cloud due to computation and memory requirements. With these Skills, robots perform tasks that demand high processing power. For example, tasks that measure changes over time need to run on the cloud due to high memory and processing requirements.

Hybrid Skills

Skills that can alternate between running on the cloud and running on the robot depending on connectivity and resource availability. For example, the gauge reading Skill can run alternatively on the robot and the cloud due to its medium memory and processing requirements.

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