Discover the Future of Robotics in the Energy Industry with Marc Dassler, CEO of Energy Robotics

In a recent webinar, Marc Dassler, CEO of Energy Robotics, provided a comprehensive overview of the company's latest advancements in robotics technology and software solutions designed for the energy industry. With their innovative Software platform, Energy Robotics is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with robotics in the management, inspection, and maintenance of energy infrastructure. Read on to learn more about the state-of-the-art robots and features that have been integrated into the system and how they can revolutionize the energy industry. And don't forget to watch the webinar on demand!

Section 1: The Software Platform - The Cloud Brain of the System

The Software platform is Energy Robotics' cloud-based software solution that serves as the brain of their robotic systems. It enables users to collect data from robots, manage their fleet, transform data into actionable insights, and push the information via an API or user interface to operators who need it. The platform is designed to integrate existing solutions from third-party providers as well as in-house developed skills to turn raw data into valuable information. With a skill store similar to an app store, the Software platform opens up new possibilities for customization and integration across various industries and applications.

Section 2: Worldwide Fleet Management and User Interface

Energy Robotics' user interface allows operators to access live video feeds from robots spread across the globe and monitor their vital parameters. The interface is browser-based, which means no installation is necessary. Robots like the ExR1, ExR2, and Boston Dynamics Spot, as well as drones and stationary sensors, can all be managed through the platform. Operators can create inspection rounds on the fly, assign points of interest, and define no-go zones for each robot. The platform also includes features like 3D site mapping and digital twin creation.

Section 3: Skills and Integrations

The Software platform offers a variety of skills that can be deployed on robots or in the cloud, transforming them into versatile tools for a range of tasks. Current skills include gas mapping, manometer reading, PPE checks, valve and gauge detection, object detection, and audio analysis. Energy Robotics collaborates with multiple companies, including AWS, to develop new skills and expand the capabilities of their platform.

Section 4: The Future of Robotics in Energy Industry

With the advancements showcased in the webinar, it's clear that Energy Robotics is paving the way for the future of robotics in the energy industry. Their innovative solutions offer increased efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in the management and maintenance of energy infrastructure. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and collaborating with industry leaders, Energy Robotics is poised to become a game-changer in the energy sector.

Conclusion and Call to Action:

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the exciting developments in the world of Energy Robotics. Watch Marc Dassler's informative webinar on demand and see for yourself how Energy Robotics is transforming the energy industry with their innovative Software platform and advanced robotic solutions. Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the future of robotics in the energy sector today!

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