automateD DRONE InspectionS

  • Run automated drone inspections from anywhere
  • BVLOS-approved, no human needed on site
  • Unified software for drones and robots
  • Achieve 10-fold cost-reduction and minimize operational risks
  • Seamless integration with your IT infrastructure
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Hardware-agnostic enterprise solution

AI POWERED Drone InspectionS

Energy Robotics revolutionizes industry operations by empowering businesses to onboard off-the-shelf drones for seamless, automatic drone inspection.

The hardware-agnostic software enables customers to harness the full potential of robots and drones in a single, cloud-based enterprise solution.

The proven Drone Solution is BVLOS ready (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), permitting operators to fly drones without needing to be onsite. This innovation in drone inspection enhances efficiency and safety in industries.

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No pilots needed onsite. Regulation ready.

BVLOS approved Drone Missions

Step into the future of drone operations with Energy Robotics, now BVLOS approved in both Germany and the European Union. Our groundbreaking technology allows you to execute automated drone inspections and supervise drone flights effortlessly, all through a simple browser interface. Wherever you are, take control and maximize your drone's capabilities like never before.

Supervise your drone flights via browser from anywhere

Automatic mission execution - Generate insights with regular inspections

Cover 10+ km with one inspection round - Recharge and repeat after 90 min

Complies with EU BVLOS regulations for inspections without pilot on site

High-resolution color and thermal cameras - Inspect with superhuman capabilities

All data secured via VPN and regularly pentested

drone in a box
Fully automatic deployment in unmanned facilities


Securely deploy drones in remote unmanned facilities using fully automatic docking stations. The Energy Robotics Software integrates seamlessly with different docking stations available for industrial use. Deploying drones in remote unmanned facilities has never been safer or more efficient.

Utilizing fully automatic docking stations, commonly referred to as "Drone in a Box", you can securely deploy drones to carry out inspections. The Energy Robotics Software plays a crucial role in this process - it integrates seamlessly with various docking stations available for industrial use. With a Drone in a Box solution, you can rest easy knowing that your drones are securely housed, charged, and ready to execute missions whenever necessary.

Reduce costs and risks

Inspect 20x faster and reduce costs 10-fold

Monitor hundreds of inspection points across more than 10 kilometers in just minutes. This not only minimizes hardware expenses but also allows operators to remotely monitor their facilities, significantly reducing operational risks. Embrace this new era of drone technology and experience a game-changing difference in your operations.

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Automatic inspection of 19 oil tanks in 19 minutes

Transforming inspection at Shell

We are enabling the digitalization of Shell's Tank Farms and contributing to achieve the goal of zero work place accidents through automated drone inspections.

Read the complete press release to learn more.

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AI cloud for drones and robots
ER Cloud Brain

Robot Fleet Management

There is no one robot that fits all use cases, that’s why we support a mixed fleet of robot hardware​. We can tailor our solution to your business case and budget.

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Learn how you can reduce costs 10-fold and increase worker safety at the same time through BVLOS-approved automated drone inspections.

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