Deploy Your AI Applications on the ENERGY ROBOTICS PLATFORM

monetize your ai apps through robotic inspection

We provide a SDK that enables you to build and integrate your applications for the post-processing of inspection data collected by robots.


The Power of AI in Transforming Sensor Data

The Energy Robotics software platform enables a heterogeneous fleet of robots and drones to collect high-quality data while performing autonomous inspection rounds. The post-processing of the raw data collected by the robot is done by using decoupled AI applications which we call Skills. These Skills transform the data captured by the robot's sensors into actionable insights.

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What are skills?

Skills are containerized applications that process sensor data and influence robot behavior to perform specific tasks. They are developed by external domain experts, 3rd party vendors and in-house developers. Examples of existing Skills include manometer detector (reading needle values), fire extinguisher detector, valve detector and a whole lot more. By creating and integrating your Skills, you gain exposure to major market leaders and add to your channels of monetization.


Setting Up Your AI Skill with Energy Robotics

Programming Language Flexibility

You are not limited to a specific programming language when developing Skills with Energy Robotics.

Skills as Dockerized Applications

Skills are dockerized applications that provide a REST endpoint, allowing them to run within the Energy Robotics system.

Data Transformation for Image, Audio and Video

Currently, we support post-processing Skills for image, audio, and video data.

Skill Manifest

A Skill must declare the data it consumes and the data it produces, this is known as the Skill Manifest.

Skill Requirements

In order to be run within the Energy Robotics system, a Skill must provide a Dockerfile, REST endpoint, and Skill Manifest.


Similar to the app stores on your smartphones, we provide a platform that brings together developers and customers, such that developers can make their Skills accessible to customers at the click of a button, and customers can easily pick and choose the Skill that fits their needs.

We’ll be entering a public beta phase for the Skill Store this year. Reach out to us if you would like to participate.

unlock the robotic potential of your ai Skills

Skill Orchestration

Develop Skills that are implemented on robots which solve real-world problems.

Deployment Sandbox

We provide you with the perfect testing environment for your Skills through our sandbox.


Add a lucrative revenue channel to your service through Skill development and gain access to industry leaders through the Skill Store.

Skill Store

Customers find your Skills through our Skill Store, which gives your Skills exposure to industries all across the globe.

Start monetizing your AI Skills. Write to us now!

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